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Day 409: Catching Up After a Hiatus

Day 409: Catching Up After a Hiatus

Day 409: February 16, 2018
Location: Washington, DC

It’s been a few months since I last let the world into my life via this blog. Back in November of 2017, I promised to never let my writing get away from me again. I didn’t hold myself accountable and for that I apologize to all of you and to me.

Since my last post, I’ve been working through change on many fronts. Adjectives that best describe the varying changes I’ve been making include challenging, exciting, frightening, hopeful, and stressful. The adjectives often turn into human emotions and being that as it may, I quite simply haven’t found the time or the words to write with the degree of openness and passion in my prose. That’s beginning to change now as I’m settling into some of the elements of change.

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Day 36 – The “I’m Terribly Sorry Look”

Day 36 – The “I’m Terribly Sorry Look”

Date: Wednesday February 8, 2017

Location: The Neurology Clinic – Waldorf, MD


A month running around chasing various medical tests is hectic. If that is hectic, I guess enduring it while writhing in pain, barely sleeping, moving from our row home to my in-law’s, and somehow having a kickass month of sales, I guess we could call it organized chaos. Ok I’m being too kind to myself. It was simply chaos.

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